Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The 2014 Detroit Maker Faire in Pictures

The 2014 Detroit Maker Faire is history. Here's a few photos from a great weekend in Detroit.

Theatre Bizarre comes to the Detroit Maker Faire

TechShop Detroit
A drone made at TechShop Detroit
Another TechShop drone
It was tough getting close to the Easel booth...

...but somethings going on in there
Michigan Bitcoiners (I want this sign)
Michigan Bitcoiners Bitcoin ATM
Michael Overstreet's dancing humanoid robots
Dance like no other robots are watching
Mega Tetris and Dueling Magic Wands from the Lansing Makers Network
Better living through chemicals and Science Hideout
i3 Detroit's un-photographable giant LED display... looks much better in person
The Power Racing Series' annual stop at the Detroit Maker Faire
Lockpicking 101 - by The Open Organisation Of Lockpickers

The craftsmanship in these little engines is amazing
Zero Base's rugged power systems 
The softer side of the Empire and the Great Lakes Garrison

That's it. See you all next year.

For more Great Lakes Garrison pictures see Detroit Maker Faire 2014 - The Great Lakes Garrison Edition

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