Thursday, November 14, 2013

A Real Watch Guy Compares a Real Watch to the Samsung Galaxy Gear

I've had my reservations about smartwatches. It took wearing the Pebble smartwatch on a daily basis for a while before I was convinced. Even though I'm one of the converted, I know that these devices are going to be a hard sell to people who wear "real" watches.

A real watch guy has chimed in, and there's an excellent post over on Crown & Caliber where Hamilton Powell compares the Galaxy Gear to a watch that I can only describe as a work of art. The outcome isn't all that unexpected, but Hamilton has an interesting point of view and a beautiful Breguet watch to make the Galaxy Gear look ridiculous... which is always fun.

The bond of horological brotherhood centers around watches – but its really more than that. It centers around what the watch represents, namely the human engineering feat that has allowed mankind to harness time. This is why the enthusiasm of a typical watch guy is geared toward the engineering of the watch – namely the movement.

It's nice to see that the watch nerds aren't all that different from the tech nerds. Check out Broadening My Horizons: A True “Watch Guy’s” Review of the new Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch it's a good read and you'll get to drool over one very nice watch.

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