Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Goodbye Google Reader

It's official, Google Reader is dead. It didn't take Seal Team 6 to kill it just Google's apathy.

Reader was a big part of my day-to-day life and I'm a little bitter. This traumatic little experience has left me in fear that any of the services that I get from Google and others could go away at any time. I've always known that, but getting burned by Google Reader brings it to the surface.

Since Google announced the demise of Reader I've been playing with a bunch of other RSS readers. None of them is Reader, but here's a short list of my favorites.

Feedly - Feedly is a little too pretty for me but it's very feature rich with nice Android and Apple iOS apps. As of today, Feedly is my current RSS reader. http://feedly.com

The Old Reader - The Old Reader is a nice, unobtrusive, news reader with an excellent feature set. No mobile apps. http://theoldreader.com

Go Read - Go Read is a nice little project from an independant developer. It's worth a look and I'm eager to see where this goes in the future. No mobile apps. http://goread.io

Digg Reader - The Digg Reader is interesting if a bit quirky. I'm eager to see how the Digg Reader progresses over time. I'm not sure about iOS but there's no Android app that I can find. http://digg.com/reader

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